Mission and Media is owned by freelancer Michelle Rayburn, whose mission is to advance your mission through story and strategy. Whether that is through your writing, your published book, website content, or digital graphics, she is laser-focused on making sure that your message is clear for your clients. Michelle is skilled at using print and digital media, graphics, and photography to enhance your content delivery, and as an experienced and detailed copy editor and proofreader, she will make sure you put your best professional work forward to your readers, followers, and customers. This isn't a marketing corporation or an agency; instead, each client receives a boutique experience with personal attention. She works with independent authors to bring their book vision to life with custom covers and interiors.

Editing Services

Copy Writing & Ghost Writing

Book Covers & Typesetting

Graphic Design

Coaching for Self-Publishers

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How do you know if you’re equipped to independently publish your own book? What’s the difference between traditional publishing, self-publishing, and indie publishing? Which option is best for you?

So many questions! Here’s a perfect place to start. With this simple assessment, you’ll discover your strengths and weaknesses and figure out your next publishing step based on your unique profile. Knowing more about the options is the first step toward becoming a publishing PRO.

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This is a custom resource for preparation to publish on Amazon KDP or IngramSpark (or both). It is specifically for authors who establish their own publishing imprint and control all aspects of the project as the publisher and project manager. 

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More About Mission and Media

Michelle has more than 20 years of experience as a freelance writer and has worked as a freelance editor as well. She has had hundreds of articles, devotionals, and Bible studies published and has rejoiced with fellow writers when she plays a role in getting their books published. She also has experience in marketing, which makes her well suited to write and edit copy for your website, assist with social media, and more. As an ideas-generator, she keeps your audience in mind with every move and helps you whittle down to what's most important for your return on investment.

Consider hiring Michelle to:

  • Design the cover of your book and create a custom design for the interior (typesetting)
  • Take your rough draft to write content for your website
  • Give your website a content check-up and freshen up the look
  • Edit your book, article, or blog posts
  • Ghostwrite your book or articles
  • Create a strategy for digital marketing that tells your story
  • Design graphic posts for your social media or blogs, create a logo, or design a flyer ready for a commercial printer.

What Michelle's Clients Have Said