Michelle Rayburn has been a writer and speaker for more than 18 years, and now with Mission and Media she has put her creative skills together with her ability to strategize, organize and create to provide services related to book publishing, digital marketing content and print files. In the past she has worked for a marketing, public relations and advertising agency as an account manager. She managed social media for clients, consulted on websites, wrote articles and blog posts for clients, worked with creation of print media for clients, and more.

As a writer and editor, Michelle pays attention to detail, sees editing as a treasure hunt, and won't settle for less than excellent. Michelle has written hundreds of articles for publication and her writing has appeared in Queen of the Castle Magazine, Christian Communicator, Focus on the Family, Chicken Soup for the Soul, Vista, Today's Christian Living, and more. She has also written several Bible studies for ChristianBibleStudies.com. She is a published author of four books, including The Repurposed and Upcycled Life: When God Turns Trash to Treasure. She writes and  produces a bimonthly  podcast called Life, Repurposed. That podcast and related articles are available at michellerayburn.com. 

On a personal note:

Michelle lives in an unusual home that was formerly a little country church with a parsonage attached. The church half of it is a hundred years old, and the rest is gradually coming out of the dreadful 50s and 70s decor with ongoing updates and renovation. She loves trash-to-treasure decorating and has filled her home with creative makeovers of “junk.”  She has been married for more than 29 years and is the mom of  two married sons. As a blogger and podcaster, she enjoys the creative expression of her art.